14 de Agosto de 2019 -

Capoeira 3

por Felipe Dib

Aula do curso de ingles e liderança voce aprende agora on the street with Capoeira (na rua com capoeira). The instruments (os instrumentos). This is berimbau (esse é o berimbau). Then we have different kinds of tambourines (daí nós temos diferentes tipos de tambores/tamborins). Atabaque (conga drum). Pandeiro (tambourine). That one with coconut is called agogô (aquele um com côco é chamado agogô). See you next class!

1. While two people play, the others ___.

2. The instruments are made with ___.

3. There are ___ berimbaus and ___.

4. Capoeira players normally wear ___.

5. Agogo is made with ___.

6. ___ are called ___.

7. Atabaque is a ___.

8. Next class we'll hear that Capoeira came from ___.

9. The weather was ___ when this video was recorded.

10. To play berimbau people hold a ___ on one hand and a ___ on the other.