05 de Junho de 2020 -

How can we create a culture of learning?

por Felipe Dib

Hello, my friend! How are you? If you're out of time or "in a rush", go to the last paragraph of this text for a fast answer.

In times of immediate responses and connection 24 hours a day, talking about long-term transformation is a risk! But… we believe you can (and must!) dream big, and make a daily effort to get better every day. This is our mission - seeing you speaking English and being a Leader wherever you go. "The 5 Essential People Skills" was written by Dale Carnegie and its goal is to improve your people skills. In other words, to improve your relationships at work and at home.

Last class we talked about failure. Do you think failure is good? Reach to last class if you haven't done it yet. Today we discuss the culture of learning. "Create a program that consistently brings in the latest trends, research, techniques, and tools of your industry", says the author. On the other hand, these programs can be a waste of time, money and energy. Why?

"Any time or money you spend on education is wasted unless the lessons are put to use". Knowledge must be connected to practice, mainly in business. Not every idea will pan out, as Dale says, but trying new things is the greatest benefit of employee education.

Invite your people to talk about new things they've seen, to share their experiences, to learn something different. "Trying out new ideas is a way of giving everyone a chance to move the organization forward", says Carnegie. Give your team the opportunity to learn and grow. How often do you try new things? Comment here and see you next class!

1. It's important to create a program to bring ___.

2. Carnegie says we have a need of ___.

3. Carnegie says ___ without use is ___.

4. Trying ___ is the greatest benefit of ___.

5. Dale says learning must be ___.

6. Dib says trying new things doesn't mean ___.

7. If things work, ___ them. If things don't work, ___.

8. Dib asks you to comment about a ___ in your life.

9. Next class we learn how to ___.

10. The article tells you to ___ to talk about things they've ___.