12 de Abril de 2019 -

Imagine your funeral…

por Felipe Dib

Hello, my friend! How are you? If you're out of time or "in a rush", go to the last paragraph of this text for a fast answer.

In times of immediate responses and connection 24 hours a day, talking about long-term transformation is a risk! But… at Você Aprende Agora we believe you can (and must!) dream big, and make a daily effort to get better every day. This is our mission - seeing you speaking English and being a Leader wherever you go. "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" was written by John Maxwell in 1998, and its goal is to improve your skills as a Leader.

Last classes we talked about the 20 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

1- Law of the Lid;

2- Law of Influence;

3- Law of Process;

4- Law of Navigation;

5- Law of Addition;

6- Law of Solid Ground;

7- Law of Respect;

8- Law of Intuition;

9- Law of Magnetism;

10- Law of Connection;

11- Law of Inner Circle;

12- Law of Empowerment;

13- Law of the Picture;

14- Law of Buy-in;

15- Law of Victory;

16- Law of the Big Mo;

17- Law of Priorities;

18- Law of Sacrifice;

19- Law of Timing;

20- Law of Explosive Growth.

We've come to the last law of this book: the Law of Legacy. The importance of leaving something behind you when you go. Maxwell says we must be intentional to leave the legacy we want, and he presents the steps to do it:

1- Know the legacy you want to leave;

2- Live the legacy you want to leave;

3- Choose who will carry on your legacy;

4- Make sure you pass the baton.

The author quotes Grenville Kleiser in his book Training for Power and Leadership saying "your life is a book and the pages are a daily record of your efforts, trials, pleasures, discouragements and achievements". Your legacy is the next step, when you're not here anymore, and the flame of your purpose is still burning.

What do you want people to say at your funeral? Choose wisely what you're doing now and what you'll be doing over the next weeks, months and years. Attract, empower and keep leaders so they'll carry your message when you're not here anymore, my friend. Who will keep your flame? Comment here and see you next class!

1. Maxwell says the leader's lasting ___ is measured by ___.

2. Maxwell says we must be ___ about how we ___.

3. This law talks about ___, it talks about what we'll ___.

4. In the article we learn that we must ___.

5. The article says we must ___.

6. The article highlights the importance of knowing ___.

7. Kleiser said our life is a book and the pages are a ___ of our ___.

8. Dib writes that our legacy is the ___ of our ___.

9. In the article Dib tells you to ___ to carry your message.

10. The last two classes taught us about ___.