10 de Janeiro de 2018 -

Retrospectiva do Você Aprende Agora em 2017

por Edson Medeiros

Nós queremos te ver speaking English e sendo Líder por onde você for, my friend!

Um abraço e see you next class,

Felipe Dib.

1. Dib always says he wants you to see you ___ and ___.

2. This video starts with Felipe talking about a ___.

3. Felipe comments he used to teach ___ at school.

4. When Dib talks about the students' goals the weather is ___.

5. Juliana comments VAA's methodology is ___.

6. When Dib is carrying the two kids on his arms he's wearing ___.

7. In one of the videos at the farm, there's a ___ Felipe.

8. During this video Dib asks about your ___.

9. Dib asks you if you want to be with ___. When he asks it there's a ___ behind ___.

10. ___ is wearing a ___ and there's an ___ on her table.